Thursday, September 11, 2014

Haiti Paintings

oh, fall is definitely here. I love summer in Maine; but I get very little done, I'm too busy enjoying the weather. I should learn how to paint plein aire and enjoy the weather at the same time. I find the beach is too windy for my paints. Well, the good thing about cooler weather is that I buckle down and get work done. There is an art show I want to get into this year -- lots of competition; I am trying a couple of different subjects that are out of my usual comfort zone. It feels good to try new things. Here are the entries. Wish me luck!
Haiti - Remote Village - 11x14 Oil SOLD

Haiti - Bringing back the food and water SOLD
Haiti - Laundry Day SOLD

Spring at the Maine Shore (11x14 oil $200)

Fiesta and apples SOLD