Monday, April 7, 2014

Sailfish Marina

Just another beautiful day....

I walked (no hiked - it was a long walk carrying stuff!) over to the marina with my paint stuff. I could have left the chair behind, it was useless, too low to the ground. I wish I had my french easel, I could stand! I found a table I could sit at - that was good!

I painted boats in the marina. There were too many within my line of vision, so I simplified. I tried not to get too bogged down on details, that's when I seem to run into trouble.

I chose the white, light blue, and dark blue yachts because I thought the 3 of them looked pretty neat right next to each other. I ignored the big one on the end. The gas pump and fire extinguisher were left out too. I didn't add all the poles that were in the water either. When I got back to the room I realized the post in the foreground was way too big! Pared it down a bit, now i think it looks OK.
 Husband is here! We had a nice dinner at Panama Hattie's last night. Watched all the people, young and old having fun!
 These 2 paintings here are studies -- I'm learning how to paint waves. I think the green wave on the dunes turned out pretty well. The rest of the painting, not so much!  The other big wave painting was fun -- I see parts that look pretty good, and other parts that look silly, but that's part of the learning process. The 2 paintings below are quick ones. I like the skimmers (the birds). A lady came over while I was painting them and showed me a book with info about the skimmers. I'm glad I know their name!I saw a man fishing on the rocks. Rocks are a challenge.

 I should switch over to acrylic now, so these can dry. Otherwise my cousin will have a houseful of partially done paintings to keep for me until May. She might not want to!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Made my way to Florida on my own. I usually try not to spend too much time alone, because I am an extrovert and it's not healthy for extroverts to be alone! However, this trip was supposed to be with a good friend that couldn't make it. I miss her right now, but I brought my paint stuff and have done some exploring that I wouldn't have done otherwise.

Bringing paints: I didn't dare pack them in my check-through luggage because there was a BIG warning paragraph about hazardous materials (paints listed as such) and BIG fines or jail! I don't want to go to jail! So, got to Florida and bought some cheap paints at the craft store.

I don't paint "plein aire" So this is a first. Other than the Portland Head Light which I painted for a video. I was unsure where I could go and not be in trouble. I found a lighthouse in Jupiter. Unfortunately, it's an active lighthouse and manned by the Coast Guard. Which means it's by guided tour only!

I drove across the inlet and found restaurants that had a good view of it. Would they mind if I took up a table and got my paints out? I'm not feeling very confident, so I don't ask. Luckily, I found a marina - with a sign labeled "this way to the river walk" and "public restrooms". I took that as a good sign. I found a table (the marina restaurant was almost empty) and set up shop. A nice young server came by and exclaimed, "oh! What a good place to paint!" I took that as a REALLY good sign!

In about an hour, the place filled up with happy hour and early diners, but none seemed bothered by existence; I got a few comments (all positive) so that was pretty cool. I didn't bring my french easel with me, it weighs 12 pounds and is huge. The table easel is working out good so far! I'm painting on canvas sheets instead of stretched canvas. Again, traveling is an issue. I sure hope this dries before I come home! maybe I should switch to acrylic...

Not done yet, but here it is