Monday, April 7, 2014

Sailfish Marina

Just another beautiful day....

I walked (no hiked - it was a long walk carrying stuff!) over to the marina with my paint stuff. I could have left the chair behind, it was useless, too low to the ground. I wish I had my french easel, I could stand! I found a table I could sit at - that was good!

I painted boats in the marina. There were too many within my line of vision, so I simplified. I tried not to get too bogged down on details, that's when I seem to run into trouble.

I chose the white, light blue, and dark blue yachts because I thought the 3 of them looked pretty neat right next to each other. I ignored the big one on the end. The gas pump and fire extinguisher were left out too. I didn't add all the poles that were in the water either. When I got back to the room I realized the post in the foreground was way too big! Pared it down a bit, now i think it looks OK.
 Husband is here! We had a nice dinner at Panama Hattie's last night. Watched all the people, young and old having fun!
 These 2 paintings here are studies -- I'm learning how to paint waves. I think the green wave on the dunes turned out pretty well. The rest of the painting, not so much!  The other big wave painting was fun -- I see parts that look pretty good, and other parts that look silly, but that's part of the learning process. The 2 paintings below are quick ones. I like the skimmers (the birds). A lady came over while I was painting them and showed me a book with info about the skimmers. I'm glad I know their name!I saw a man fishing on the rocks. Rocks are a challenge.

 I should switch over to acrylic now, so these can dry. Otherwise my cousin will have a houseful of partially done paintings to keep for me until May. She might not want to!

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